Introduction Edit

The Répertoire d'épigraphie méroïtique, commonly known by its acronym REM, is the three volume standard corpus of most known and catalogued examples of the Meroitic script. It includes examples of both the hieroglyphic and cursive scripts.

History Edit

The Répertoire d'épigraphie méroïtique is the creation of Jean Leclant, a veteran researcher of the Civilization of Kush and the Meroitic script. He is currently Secretary General of the French academic institute L'Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres.

Cataloguing System Edit

REM texts are arranged by number. In total there are currently over 2000 entries in REM. Additional entries are constantly being made from results of archaeological expeditions or exploring archives for lost texts. The newest entries are consecutively numbered starting from the last entry and are often first published in the Meroitic Newsletter. Each text entry shows a picture of the source of the text, for example a funeral tablet or stela, as well as information about its current location, where and when it was found, and a bibliography of scholar articles about the text.

The three volumes are organized as follows:

Volume I

  • Meroitic Inscriptions (mostly Hieroglyphic) (REM 0001 to REM 0137)
  • Other published ancient texts (not included in the Meroitic Inscriptions) (REM 0138 - REM 0150)
  • Inscriptions from Karanog and Shablul (REM 0210 to REM 0387)

Volume II

  • Inscriptions from Meroe (REM 0401 to REM 0451)
  • Inscriptions from Faras (REM 0501 to REM 0546)
  • Ostracas from various sites (REM 0551 to REM 0597)
  • Inscriptions from Kawa (REM 0601 to REM 0707)
  • Royal Cemeteries of Kush (REM 0801 to REM 0851)

Volume III

  • Texts Published After 1911 (REM 1001 to REM 1278)

Additional Texts (Meroitic Newsletter, or other)

Availability Edit

The Répertoire d'épigraphie méroïtique can be difficult to obtain outside of France, however, it is possibly available through or the publisher, L'Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres

Texts OnlineEdit

REM 1003 (Akinidd Stela)