Kerma Edit

Napatan Period Edit

Early Rulers of Napata Dynasty

Alara c. ?-760 BC

Believed to have embraced Amun cult at Gebel Barkal

Installed sister as priestess of Amun at Napata

Honored as dynastic founder

Kashta (br.? of Alara) c. 760-747 BC

Installed daughter as successor to God’s wife of Amun at Thebes

Piye [Piankhi] (son of Kashta) c. 747-716 BC

Campaigned against other Egyptian dynasts and accepted their surrender

Napatan Rulers of Dynasty XXV

Shabaqo [Shabaka] (son of Kashta) c. 716-702 BC

Shebitqo [Shebitko] (son of Shabaqo) c. 702-690 BC

Taharqo [Taharqa] (son of Piye) 690-664 BC Campaign of Esarhaddon

Taharqo retreats to Thebes

Tanetamani (son of Shabaqo) 664-656 BC

Campaign of Ashurbanipal results in Assyrian conquest of Egypt

Tanetamani retreats to Napata

Napatan Rulers Post Dynasty XXV

Atlanersa c. 653-643 BC

Senkamanisken c. 643-623 BC

Anlamani c. 623-593 BC

Aspelta c. 593-568 BC

Campaign of Psamtik II (593 BC)

Arametelqo c. 568-555 BC

Malonaqen c. 555-542 BC

Analmaaye c. 542-548 BC

Mani-natake-lebte c. 538-519 BC

Karkamani c. 519-510 BC

Amaniastabarqo c. 510-487 BC

Siaspiqa c. 487-468 BC

Nasakhma c. 468-463 BC

Malowiebamani c. 463-435 BC

Talakhamani c. 435-431 BC

Irike-Amanote c. 431-405 BC

Baskakeren c. 405-404 BC

Harsiyotef c. 404-369 BC

? unknown ruler c. 369-353 BC

Akhratan c. 353-340 BC

Amanibakhi c. 340-335 BC

Nastasen c. 335-315 BC

Nastasen victory stele (c. 335 BC)

Conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great (332 BC)

5 rulers (indeterminate reigns) c. 315-270 BC



Expedition of Ptolemy I in Lower Nubia (319/8 BC)

Kash … merj Imen

Ethiopian campaign of Ptolemy II (274 BC)



Meroitic Peroid Edit

Rulers after capital moved to Meroe

Arkamani-qo c. 270-260 BC

Amanislo c. 260-250 BC

Aman … tekha c. 250-235 BC

Arnekhamani c. 235-218 BC

Arqamani c. 218-200 BC

Tabirqo c. 200-190 BC

? unknown king c. 190-185 BC

? unknown king c. 185-170 BC

Shanakdakhete c. 170-150 BC

? unknown king c. 150-130 BC

Naqyrinsan c. 130-110 BC

Tanyidamani c. 110-90 BC

? unknown king

? unknown queen c. 90-50 BC


Amanikhabale c. 50-40 BC


Conquest of Egypt by Augustus (30 BC)

Amanirenas c. 40-10 BC

Conflict of Rome vs. Meroe (25-20 BC)


Amanishakheto c. 10-1 BC



Arkihankharer c. AD 1-20


Shorkaror c. AD 20-30

Pisaker c. AD 30-40

Amanitaraqide c. AD 40-50

Amanitemmemide c. AD 50-62

Nile expedition of Nero (c. 62 BC)

Amanikhatashan c. AD 62-85

Teritnide c. AD 85-90

Teqerideamani c. AD 90-114

Tamelerdeamani c. AD 114-134

Adeqetali c. AD 134-140

Takideamani c. AD 140-155

Tarekeniwal c. AD 155-170

Amanikhalika c. AD 170-175

Aritenyesbokhe c. AD 175-190

Amanikhareqerem c. AD 190-200

Teritedakhatey c. AD 200-215

Aryesbokhe c. AD 215-225

Rome withdraws from Nubia (c. AD 217/8)

? unknown king c. AD 225-246

? unknown king c. AD 246

Teqerideamani II c. AD 246-266

Maleqorobar c. AD 266-283

Yesbokheamani c. AD 283-300

? unknown queen c. AD 300-308

? unknown queen c. AD 308-320

? unknown ruler c. AD 320-?

Victory inscription of Ezana of Aksum at Meroe (c. AD 350)